We the people can help create a new era on social media and in real life. Though we have different opinions, beliefs and possibly values, we can still be civil, truly listen to each other, drop the tribalism, over-generalizations, labeling, name-calling, demonization, use of logical fallacies, misinformation and actual disinformation that are destroying our country. We can try to agree on basic facts. We consider compromise over proposals that do not conflict with principles. We seek a functioning government, acknowledging the good as well as the bad. We are open to a consensus understanding of history. We strive for global awareness and respect the experiences of other human beings. Your wisdom is needed!

Why ‘Slender Threads’?

This is a reference to the fragile connections that have held history and civilization together throughout time.  Learn more about Alexandre Dumas and the origin of “slender threads.”

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Jim Buie
Social studies teacher. History buff. College communications instructor. Professional writer for 4+ decades. PR, Marketing Consultant. Author. World-traveler to 40+ countries & 40+ states. Lived in Turkey, UAE. Saluki (desert-dog)-lover.